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Subject: Topics for Monday's ODF TC call?

We have a TC call scheduled for next Monday, March 14th.

We'll have nothing to discuss for ODF maintenance or ODF 1.2, since the 
corrigenda and amendment ballots are underway in JTC1 for the former (and 
we have no outstanding defect reports from SC34), and the CS ballot should 
be underway for the latter. 

Also, we currently have no working drafts posted for any other work 
products, e.g., ODF 1.1 Errata or ODF 1.3. 

I usually send out the agenda on Thursday's, but I'm having difficulties 
here.  Sure, I we could meet just to take attendance, approve minutes and 
adjourn, but that is not a good use of your time.

Does anyone wish to propose some substantive topics for the agenda?  Or 
shall we cancel the meeting next week?


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