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Subject: OpenDocument TC meeting minutes 2011-11-21 (corrected once)

OpenDocument TC meeting minutes 2011-11-21

*Start 9:36am


+Andreas Guelzow
+Cherie Ekholm
+Andre Rebentish
+Dennis Hamilton
+Donald Harbison
+Jos van den Oever
+Louis Suarez-Potts
+Ming Fei Jia
+Oliver-Rainer Wittmann
+Patrick Durusau
+Robert Weir
+Robin LaFontaine
+Steven Pemberton
+Thorsten Behrens
+Thorsten Zachmann
+Tristan Mitchell

Voting Members are indicated with a + before their name

16/17 voting members present = 94%, so quorum requirements are met.

Membership Notes:  None

-- Agenda: add to end a report from the recent Plugfest and discussion of modularization technical report.  Agenda as amended approved by unanimous consent

-- Minutes of Nov 14 approved without objection

-- TC agrees to cancel the meetings of Dec 26th and Jan 2nd

- ODF Maint.  No update from SC34 on Amendment or Corroigenda.  Still waiting publication of ODF 1.2.  

Still planning on errata for ODF 1.1 and ODF 1.2.

-- ODF 1.3

Robin -- consensus report update went out on Friday.  Plan is to review. If issues arise we can schedule another call.


-- Discussion of ODF schema modularization technical report


Robin:: Modularization work looks like a good and useful analysis.

Oliver: Having more modules/parts/documents for the specification would be good from my point of view.
I do not know, if it would be a good idea to 'release' such parts on separately.

Robin: At certain stages of development it is advantageous to perform a 'tidy up' and this modularisation for ODF would have that effect. The question is whether or not this is the right time to do that.

Rob: The tool set used for generating this analysis:  XSLT, Emacs Lisp, and GraphViz

Dennis: constraining the schema and not reusing common structures will expand and make it more complicated, not simpler.  Also, the referential integrity aspects that are not revealed by the schema itself need to be captured before modularization can work.

Steven: talks about the benefits of modularization once it exists (this is about more than modular schema).

Oliver:  is concern about risks of parts that don't work together and synchronization of modules.

ThorstenB: My take: cleanliness of the spec / schema is a minor issue. Disrupting the existing ecosystem, is, compared to that, a major concern. Suggestion: consider profiles instead (i.e. subsets of the functionality, vs. subsets of the schema)

Rob: considers how the benefits of software modularization apply to specification modularization.

===> Action item:  Rob to see if analysis can be repeated for ODF 1.2 schema

--ODF Plugfest

Steven: Plugfest at old town hall in Gouda, very beautiful, sizable group, around 50, two tracks, national (ODF in Dutch scenarios) and international (presentations and interop testing)

Jos:We were in here:

Jos: Other track was on Dutch implementors of template software, implementors asked to generate ODF documents.  Issues included fonts, tabs, using Officeshots to test.

Requirements: margin notes (footnotes in the margin)

Patrick: Margin footnotes, tying margin notes to specific location without overlap of multiple notes is not supported in XSL-FO (unless it is going to appear in the next version of XSL, don't know about CSS)

-- Adjourned 10:25

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