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Subject: Change tracking requirements comments

Hopefully you are able to all find some time before Monday's call to read through the draft requirements for change tracking as posted on the wiki:


We can streamline the call a bit if you raise any priority issues or concerns you have,especially for the items after 9, which is as far as we got last week.

Some quick comments from me:

10, on ordering.  A user most typically expects to view the tracked changes in order of the document's presentation, i.e., "visual document order". Do any apps have a UI for doing this in chronological order of the changes?  Interesting idea, but I don't think that I would optimize for that scenario.

12, 13, 15, 20, 21 and 27 seem to all be variations on a common concern:  ODF is a standard for a document format.  It is not a standard for a word processor or other editor, beyond some formatting and layout guidance.  In particular we have not defined the permissible editing operations for an editor.  I think this is the key question.

22, reuse of existing version control mechanisms -- I think this was based on an observation that an application could simply embedded something like git and have a very fully-featured way of tracking versions, merging changes from different users, etc.  It is an interesting approach, for an application to take.  But we need to ensure that as a standard ODF remains application neutral.  If there were an actual standard for the storage of version control, info, then that would be more interesting.


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