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Subject: What CT features does ODF implementors plan to cover?

With the ODF Plugfest in the back of the mind, I am curious what ODF
changes the implementers plan to cover for the future?
For instance, Microsoft's ECT proposal does define the tracking of
horizontal and vertical table cell merges, still Office 2010 does yet
not support this CT functionality by now, neither does Libre|OpenOffice.
A feedback on such a basic CT feature set would help us to archive
better interoperability among ODF applications for the future as we
might agree on a basic set. As base set I would suggest feature set
provided from the ECT.

PS: It should be noted, that the vertical and horizontal table cell
merge should be renamed to column and row merge, as not the cells are
being merged, but the columns and rows. A cell merge is in theory
possible as well, but as it is neither used in MSO and L|OOO, I would
suggest to stick with the existing functionality and just name it adequate.


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