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Subject: RE: [office] Draft Agenda for ODF Teleconference on 25 April 2022

Hi Regina

Great catches! 

For OFFICE-2164 I've completed the Resolution field and added square brackets around the Year parameter. 

For OFFICE-3851 I've added a screen-shot of the changes to the Table and I've added the missing asterisk.

These changes are reflected in JIRA and in the master change-tracked draft on GitHub, but not in the current Working Draft.

Kind regards,


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Sent: 24 April 2022 20:57
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Subject: Re: [office] Draft Agenda for ODF Teleconference on 25 April 2022

Hi Patrick,

> 4. Part4-OpenFormula-WD: 
> https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/69808/odf-v.1.4-wd0
> 1-part4.odt

The JIRA issue misses an entry in the "Resolution" field.

The "Syntax" field in wd01-part4 misses the square brackets around the parameter to indicate, that the parameter is optional.

The attachment is missing in JIRA, which the "Resolution" in Jira 

"at" can be used with decimal prefixes for unit symbols in ODF 1.3. That 
is indicated by an asterisk. I think, this is still true in ODF 1.4 and 
independent from the fact, that it is deprecated in ODF 1.4. The 
asterisk is missing.

The other changes in wd01-part4 are OK for me.

Kind regards,

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