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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Welcome!

2008/6/3 David RR Webber (XML) <david@drrw.info>:

> Now I'm remembering I'm talking about web service and B2B exchanges - and
> you are talking about open document exchanges.  My guess is you'll have a
> lot of binary goup in your exchanges - digital imagery, multi-media content
> et al, free form tags, styles - and not much formal content model (aka B2B
> codelist values, numbers, parts, shipments).
> Once again we have to be VERY careful that OASIS notices are making a clear
> delimitation for potential users that if they want interoperable web service
> / SOA / B2B exchanges

Which widens the discussion even more.
Between what class of user (probably 'for what purpose')
In what format.

I'm interested in format. If we exchange at the xml level (zipped or
not is a side issue)
then we can determine validity (DSDL is likely to be required, i.e.
above and beyond
grammatically correct to some schema) at various levels.

The 'human' aspect of this is "interoperable" in so far as two people
see the same
visual presentation given an document instance.

I believe quite a few people are interested in this aspect.

Format is an easier one to tie down.


Dave Pawson

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