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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Re-focusing on the proposed Charter

2008/6/9  <robert_weir@us.ibm.com>:
> Sorry, I've been otherwise engaged today.  I'll need to go back and read the
> traffic from today, but it looks like we may be prematurely solving the
> interoperability problem, when we really need to first agree on a charter
> and then form a TC.
> Believe me, once we have a TC in place for this, we'll have an OASIS-hosted
> Wiki.  We'll also have mailing lists, action items trackers, document
> libraries, etc.  We'll have the ability to create subcommittees.  We'll have
> conference calls, face-to-face meetings if we want, etc.  We'll have all
> that infrastructure stuff available.  But the way the OASIS infrastructure
> is set up, this is all tied to TC membership, and until we have a TC, we
> can't tap into all that.

Not much point when we don't even have common terms of reference Rob.
I was hoping that by sharing a document which by agreement became
this groups output we could short circuit endless repeated emails.

Seems not.

> I've seen some documents float around that seemed more in the nature of a
> draft of one of the TC's deliverables, such as a draft or outline of a
> conformity assessment document.  That isn't a bad thing per se, but it is
> more in the nature of a possible contribution to this TC, once created.

Yes, intended as no more than that.

> If we focus on the charter task, we first note the requirements detailed in
> OASIS TC Process section 2.2

<snip/> Formal deliverables.

Later Rob.

We're talking over each others shoulders at the moment.

Now available googledocs, google site, wiki.

I'm out of here till you decide how to talk.


Dave Pawson

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