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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] ODF Interoperability Presentation

"Dave Pawson" <dave.pawson@gmail.com> wrote on 06/11/2008 01:05:08 PM:

> 2008/6/11  <robert_weir@us.ibm.com>:
> >
> > This may be some useful background information, the presentation on ODF
> > interoperability I gave at the OpenOffice.org conference in Barcelona last
> > year.
> >
> > It outlines a broad view of interop with ODF, what the challenges are, and
> > how we can move it forward.
> Does it? The gloss paint is still wet Rob.

Aw, well now I'm all broken up and my feelings are hurt, Dave ;-)

(As an aside, those who have not dealt with Dave or I may not know that I can sometimes be very sarcastic, and Dave can sometimes be very blunt.  But in fact we have worked well together in the past on ODF topics and will in the future, I hope.  But best not to do or say something that upsets both of us at once...)

> I'm presuming you aren't going to answer my question about how we are
> going to talk
> in this group, you are simply going to dictate it? Filter our comments
> through your
> view and write it as you believe it to be?

Maybe I misperceived your "how are we going to talk" question.  I took that as expressing a desire for defining a common vocabulary, so when I say "profile" or "test case" that you, and others have a similar mental picture.  I find that repeating the basic concepts in different ways, using different analogies, can get the concepts clarified.  That was the purpose of posting the presentation, as well as my response to your note, to which I have not seen a response:  


I've also posted some related papers from the W3C. This all helps us converge on a common conceptual vocabulary.

But now I am not so sure I understand your "how are we going to talk" question.  Maybe I misperceived.  Was this just a question of wikis versus Google Sites versus shared docs?  I don't have a strong opinion here.  I pointed to Sam's site since it seemed further along in the direction we need to eventually go, namely proposing a charter.  I hope this was not taken as an act of tyranny or the violation of anyone's civil rights.  I like both wikis and shared documents.  Really, I do.

> With your point per day we'll be nowhere at the end of our 90 days. Or
> is that the intent?

I think we'll be done well before 90 days.  We've only gone, what, 10 days?  Obviously, once we've gone beyond the preliminaries, we can speed up a bit.

> If anyone else thinks this should be a group effort please
> acknowledge the fact.
> If you are happy with an IBM only view, let Rob continue on his current path.

I think it should be a group effort and so far I think it has been.  But I am the appointed discussion leader and I will continue to keep the discussion on track. That's my role here.  I'll make my thoughts known, certainly. Everyone should be able to do that, even me.  But as discussion leader I'm primarily looking at driving consensus, keeping the discussion from being veering off into out-of-scope topics, and keeping us mindful of the formal OASIS requirements for our end deliverable, a proposed TC Charter.



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