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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] (1)(f) and (1)(g) -- audience and workinglanguage

"Sam Johnston" <samj@samj.net> wrote on 06/11/2008 10:39:23 AM:
> How about something like this? Are there others? We could offer an
> explanation of each as well.
> 1> Vendors
> 2> Integrators
> 3> Users
> 4> Purchasers
> 5> Authorities
> > I think I'd add:
> >
> > 6) Third-party certification labs
> An interesting point - they are likely to be more interested in
> quantitative outputs than the other groups.
> > Any others?  In particular, would conformity assessment documents,
> etc., be of use to government, to ICT policy makers, etc., or do
> they think of conformance and interoperability as merely a detail to
> be left to vendors to sort out?
> It seems likely there will be increasing involvement from these
> groups, particularly around 'proving' a standard rather than accepting
> it for face value. Making this task easier for them is arguably a
> noble cause.

OK.   If I cast it like this, does it still match your understanding?  Or have I missed something?
  1. Implementors and Integrators of ODF applications and tools (I try to avoid the word 'vendor' since it isn't clear that includes open source projects)
  2. Users of ODF applications and tools (In particular, I think we may want to create a report sometime along the lines of "Portable Document Authoring in ODF: Best Practices and Recommendations")
  3. Procurers of ODF-related technology
  4. Regulators or other authorities who specify the use of document format standards
  5. Third-party testing and certification labs

> > > Presumably 1g refers to a 'natural language', in which case US
> > > English seems the obvious choice (presumably this should be the same
> > > as the ODF TC).
> >
> > I'm not sure if the question is referring to the language of our
> formal output, or the language used in our conference calls and mailing list.
> >
> > I think our formal outputs should be in US English, but for the
> mailing list and phone calls, any form of English should be fine.
> Ok so what is in place for ODF and other similar groups? Locking it
> down to 'US English' in light of the formal outputs and tolerating a
> few s's and z's could be the best option, or simply specify 'English'?

My impression is most TC's just say "English".  The spell checker of the TC's editor will take care of the rest.


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