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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Classic test case

On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 3:38 PM, Dave Pawson <dave.pawson@gmail.com> wrote:
From the main TC list today

I'd hope our tests can
1. Identify such cases as unclear.
2. Action the TC to clarify where appropriate.


These are exactly the sort of things that should be sent back to the OpenDocument TC as 'bugs' (presumably there is some mechanism for such feedback) and likely excluded from tests until post-clarification. OTOH it is exactly the type of thing that could appear in an 'acid test' document were it well specified, and in that case it need not take up a whole page; a 10x10mm cell would suffice. Hey with things like this, complex tables, placeholder fonts, etc. we could have our very own smiley face :)

That in mind, does anyone see any harm in listing the OpenDocument TC in the anticipated audience?


The spec is unclear about the direction of radial gradients:

> 18.354 draw:start-color
> The draw:start-color attributes specifies the start value for the <draw:gradient> element, which interpolates between the value
> of this attribute and draw:end-color.
> The draw:start-color attribute may be used with the following element: <draw:gradient> 15.17.1

And similar for end-color, but it doesn't say which color is the inner
color and which is the
outer color for a radial gradient.

Testing with OpenOffice: creating a radial gradient gives:

<draw:gradient draw:name="Radial_20_red_2f_yellow" draw:display-name="Radial
red/yellow" draw:style="radial" draw:cx="50%" draw:cy="50%"
draw:start-color="#ff3333" draw:end-color="#e6ff00"
draw:start-intensity="100%" draw:end-intensity="100%" draw:border="0%"/>

start-color is red and end-color is yellow.

At the moment we have the following situation (example image attached):
KOffice (Karbon): start-color is the inner color, end-color the outer
OpenOffice: start-color is the outer, end-color the inner

In SVG the first color stop is the most inner color and the last stop the
most outer color.

The OpenDocument specification needs to be clearer about how the colors
need to be handled, especially since OpenOffice and SVG have a different
view on the question.

Dave Pawson

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