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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] MARBUX POINT OF ORDER,OBJECTION, AND SUGGESTIONS No. 1

On Sat, Jun 14, 2008 at 06:02:26PM -0700, marbux wrote:
> [...]                                If it helps, I claim the right to
> reasonable accomodation for my disabilities pursuant to the Americans
> With Disabilities Act. I am being denied the right to participate
> effectively because I can't keep up with the pace you have set. I need
> sleep and rest to maintain my health.
> [...]

As an admitted lay person with no formal legal training, it seems to
me that carrying on the proceedings in an archivable text form (as
opposed to, for example, telephone conference calls) is a "reasonable
accomodation" for people who need to take things slowly.

I suspect that the AWD Act does not give the power to limit the number
of participants in the list, to restrict the posting frequency of each
member, or to restrict the overall posting rate--any more than it gives
the power to restrict the rate of play in the NHL for the accomodation
of those who can't keep up with the pace.

I know very little about your circumstances, but:

Perhaps you could get a couple of colleagues who share your concerns to
read all the postings and direct your attention to the ones most closely
related to your areas of interest.

Perhaps if you were to spend less time writing long postings this would
give you more time for reading.

This may be an uncomfortable thought, but: My (now departed) mother in
law was still driving her car in her nineties, but when it got so that
she could no longer keep up with the pace set by the other traffic,
she turned in her license.

Ted Powell <ted@psg.com>   http://psg.com/~ted/
MS-OOXML is a dead parrot nailed to the ISO/IEC perch.

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