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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] MARBUX POINT OF ORDER, OBJECTION, ANDSUGGESTIONS No. 1

Dave Pawson wrote:
> 2008/6/16 Sander Marechal <sander.marechal@tribal-im.com>:
>> IIRC the OIIC is about interoperability between ODF applications.
>> Round-tripping ODF documents between applications that support ODF
>> directly.
> Is that your definition of interop Sander? Round tripping between apps?

No. That's a generalisation. I'm just a very interested lurker and 
programmer with no formal committee experience. I'll leave it to you 
fine folk to get the language right :-)

To explain myself a little bit better: I believe that this committee's 
work is focussed on interoperability in the ODF world, building test 
suites and tools that help ODF applications become compliant with the 
standard and helping ODF applications interoperate with each other. I 
don't think that the committee's work includes the interoperability of 
ODF with other standards such as OOXML, CDF, UDF or even PDF and HTML 
for that matter.

Therefor, the focus should be on round-tripping between all the various 
ODF implementations, tools, etcetera. Not with round-tripping from ODF 
to OOXML, CDF or UDF and back, or with conversion of ODF to other 
standards. If that are of interop also needs work (and judging from some 
of the comments here, apparently it does) then a different TC should 
probably be created for that.

If I missed the part where conversion between ODF and other 
standards/formats also became part of the future OIIC, please point out 
the thread/message. I haven't read it.

Sander Marechal

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