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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] MARBUX POINT OF ORDER, OBJECTION, ANDSUGGESTIONS No. 1

"Sam Johnston" <samj@samj.net> wrote on 06/15/2008 06:54:40 PM:

> As the initiator and primary contributor to this site I have been
> investing more of my personal time into reading every post in every
> thread (rather than complaining about the volume) with a view to
> documenting all the pertinent points. While there is a large amount
> of input to process there are some good ideas coming forward and in
> the worst case they don't get addressed now and the TC itself (who
> will have the luxury of time) will be able to pull them from the
> archives (which should probably be listed as a resource).

Thanks, Sam.  I know I appreciate your efforts, and I hope others do as well.

> The best advice I can give you is that if you want your ideas to end
> up in the TC charter then please ensure that they are concise and
> relevant, and ideally identify the section to which they should
> apply; this will make my life easier and ensure that they don't get
> lost in long (and largely off-topic) threads. If I do miss anything
> then follow up with me and I'll either include it or tell you why I
> haven't and seek consensus.

Another avenue to consider, is that of a contribution to the TC.  For example, suppose (picking an example at random) you have a great interest in the relationship between standards and interop and WTO regulations.  You wanted to get it into the TC charter, but it is out of scope (remember OASIS policy strictly limits what can be in the charter) and further you don't have enough time to do it right.  So instead of getting it into the charter, you take your time writing it up and submitting it to the TC as a member or public contribution.  No need to burden your site with these items, but it is something that others might consider.


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