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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Which is definitive odf?

2008/6/16 Sam Johnston <samj@samj.net>:

> I believe this is a different, but pertinent, point; whether or not we
> specify which ODF version(s) the TC will target. I am of mixed minds about
> this, though tending towards OpenDocument 1.2 which should be finalised
> around the time the TC is formed (see the Wikipedia OpenDocument article). I
> have a number of reasons for saying this, including:
> Targeting the most current release of the specification
> Avoiding 1.0 release issues which have already been resolved
> Implementors targeting this version and are therefore a great deal more
> likely to adopt TC recommendations than to do so in bugfix releases
> Public perception, whether natural or influenced (eg interop efforts only
> targeted 1.0, don't apply to current releases or vice versa)
> Standardisation and stabilisation of key features including (most notably)
> OpenFormula; testing 1.0 could be problematic at best
> Many new features

+1, except for your timescales? This TC is expected to start work in 90days
+ a few for setup?
Do you think 1.2 will be done then?

May 05 to Feb 07 from 1.0 to 1.1?
I can't see 1.2 being done in 3 months more unless you know something
I don't Sam?

> In any case I think there is too much riding on this particular decision to
> defer it to the TC (which may well /not/ enjoy the lack of bias that a
> public forum with many more participants will have).

Ditto. Which is why I'm backing 1.1 as 'out there', and hoping
2.2 will only improve things.


Dave Pawson

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