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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Profiles. Attempting a definition.

2008/6/18 Shawn <sgrover@open2space.com>:
> Dave Pawson wrote:

>> I'm happy with the first para as most general.
>> The second para is too constraining? That could take 'profile' out
>> of the domain of application usage which, IMHO, is wrong.
>> Definition: "an application profile is a set of policies, and
>> guidelines defined for a particular application."
>> Removing the metadata aspect gives a workable definition
>> which I think it usable for ODF?
> A couple of comments.  The first paragraph has the use of "application
> profile".  This seems to suggest an "OpenOffice.org Profile", "K-Office
> Profile", etc.  I think the general feel for the profiles is that they
> define what aspects of the standard are to be tested.

> Perhaps a better phrase there is "Testing profile"?  And a "testing profile"
> is then assumed to be application, document, or standard specific.  But I'd
> leave that out of the final paragraph so that we don't restrict the TC
> inadvertently.

+1. I don't want to restrict it to testing/use/schema subset

  For instance, if a test was targeting the accuracy of the
> math formulas within a spreadsheet, then the environment has been defined to
> be related to spreadsheets (not word documents, or presentations), and that
> only the forumlas are being tested...

I'd say that would normally be tested within a profile or 'whilst the test
environment / item being tested is set to XYZ profile, i.e.
a profile is way higher level than a test?

A test environment is a different thing (I personally am happy to define that).

> Taking those into account the first paragraph may become:
> "A testing profile is a set of policies, guidelines, and restrictions
> defined for a particular test."
> But this is getting kind of nit-picky.. :)

restrictions/constraints could be seen as part of a policy,
Happy to add it though it is getting to the detail.
Your choice Shawn.

Definition: "a profile is a set of policies,
guidelines [[and constraints]] defined for a particular application."

Unless I get any more feedback when USA wakes up I'll add that.

> The second paragraph isn't really needed, I think.


Dave Pawson

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