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Subject: RE: [oiic-formation-discuss] Profiles. Attempting a definition.

Definition: "a profile is a set of policies,
guidelines [[and constraints]] defined for a particular application."

Unless I get any more feedback when USA wakes up I'll add that.

> The second paragraph isn't really needed, I think.


Dave Pawson

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Dave, and all:

I think that using the word 'application' in the profile definition ties it too closely to the 'application profile' definition.  How about a more generic definition for a profile, then an application, document, testing, or whatever-you-want-to-call-it profile can be more specific.  I suggest using the word 'purpose' instead of 'application' in the definition.  It would then read more like:

Definition: "a profile is a set of policies,
guidelines [[and constraints]] defined for a particular [purpose]."

Then you can use the word 'profile' in definition of an application profile as such:

Application Profile - a profile that contains the policies, guidelines and constraints for a given type of application.

This also eliminates any possible ambiguities between uses of the word 'application', such as "are we talking about an application as a 'use' or 'as a program or set of programs to accomplish a certain task or set of tasks'?"  Sorry, my job title is showing. :D

Garry L. Hurley Jr.
Application Developer 2
Office of Information Technology - Bureau of Application Development
PA Department of Labor & Industry
651 Boas Street, Harrisburg, PA 17121 
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My comments do not reflect those of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, its various agencies and departments, or its citizens.  They are my own, and may or may not be shared by those in positions of authority over me.

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