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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Summary and Focus?

Shawn wrote:

> 1. Are we testing ODF and it's capabilities (with regards to
> conformance, implementation, and interoperability)?

I think that would be the main point.

> 2. Are we testing how applications interpret ODF?

That would be Ok too, but I would abstain from rendering issues as I
really don't see that as a part of standard.

> 3. Are we testing how to use ODF to interact with other formats (OOXML,
> CDR, etc.)

Maybe as a side issue - I do not think that ODF should change itself
just to conform to some other formats. It would be great if there are
some common points that ease interaction with other formats, but I don't
think ODF should change just because that would make it more compatible
with some other format. I'm not sure formats, esp. open formats, should
ever abide to that, even if the other party is another open format.
And, as my point about rendering issues, interaction with other formats
should be left to developers to implement filters for. But, I think that
somehow loops back to point one, an issue of interoperability?

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