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oiic-formation-discuss message

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Subject: Summary and Focus?

Here is a quick summary of the discussions as I see them:

- Profiles.  We probably want them.  Some discussion about what a 
profile is, but the bulk of that will be left to the TC itself.
- Scope.  The scope of the TC is still being refined.  (see notes below 
re: focus.)
- Other documents.  The W3C CDR/CDRF may be helpful.  Some other 
documentation for XML as been suggested (xslt, etc).  These should at 
least be noted and passed to the TC as a potential.
- Charter.  Some elements of the charter have an initial draft. 
(http://sites.google.com/a/odfiic.org/tc/Home).  We need to find some 
words for the remaining parts.

In a previous message 
I ask for some clarification on the focus of the TC.  I suspect this may 
have gotten lost in the clutter, as only Dave has responded directly. 
So I'll reiterate my concerns here.

Focus.  The discussions are meandering in many directions (not 
necessarily a bad thing).  But I think the driving focus for the TC 
needs to be determined to help guide those discussions.

1. Are we testing ODF and it's capabilities (with regards to 
conformance, implementation, and interoperability)?
2. Are we testing how applications interpret ODF?
3. Are we testing how to use ODF to interact with other formats (OOXML, 
CDR, etc.)
4. All the above?
5. Some of the above?

If we can determine this "focus", the discussion will be much more 
concise and directed (I believe).

I've expressed my own views in the linked message.  So I'll not 
reiterate them at the moment.

This discussion of what I'm calling "focus" speaks directly to the scope 
of the TC.  Which is one of the things we need to determine anyways.

Thank you for any comments.


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