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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Proposed Use case -- Interoperability in vertical and horizontal ODF markets

Woffle again marbux.

Now point to standard and saying your right gets you no where.  TC is
permitted to look at draft version of standard and follow that over
current if current is classed as defective.

TC prime issue is compatibly between implementations. Please ask
yourself some simple questions.

What you want alive does it have any downsides?  Like being usable for
creating rendering differences between applications.

If so TC deciding not to protect that section of standard is a
perfectly valid option.   If TC judgment is wrong for a perfectly
valid case why.  Standard is a major guide line to a TC.  But the
important but.   A TC has a more important job to make sure users get
what they want.  If users want 100 percent dependable rendering
between ODF applications its the TC job to work to get that.   Putting
up proposals to the standard due to errors found effecting users.
Disregarding sections of standard harmful to users has always been

Mind you TC needs to be putting up a formal notice to all ODF
application markers alone this line.  Due to this feature of ODF being
abuse able to create compatibly issues all applications will be
expected to render and operate without it.

Yes a TC cannot add to standard.  But they sure can delete bits from
it particularly if the can make the case applications should be able
to operate without it.

Put forward a valid case where that section is not deletable and all
odf applications will fail to render correctly.  If you cannot then
its not a removable section of standard so TC delete able if its
wished for the good of the users.

Peter Dolding

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