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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Code walkthrough

2008/7/2 Bart Hanssens <bart.hanssens@skynet.be>:
> David Gerard wrote:

>> A call for real-life problematic documents? (Leave "problematic"
>> undefined here.) Non-compliant ODF fine as long as it's generated by a
>> production app?

> Unfortunately it won't be that hard to collect that kind of documents.
> For example, try adding a full page image as a background and insert a
> table containing cells with a background fill on top of it (think glossy
> business report with sales forecasts)
> Now try to make this work across OOo, Word + Sun or MS plugin and
> KOffice... without resorting to frames voodoo.

Excellent! We have a start!

1/2 :-)

- d.

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