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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Code walkthrough

David Gerard wrote:
> Excellent! We have a start!

(also: page transitions between slides in presentations, or a table with
merged cells in another table in text documents, or the font size of
hyperlinks inside a paragraph, text inside rotated shapes, ...)

Since I'm going to recreate some .dot templates in .ott and try to make
them work in OOo 2.4 and Word 2003 + plugin(s), I'll probably be able to
provide you with more uhm... challenges in the upcoming months.

That's another way to generate test cases: start with recreating real
life documents in ODF (instead of the legacy format) and try to make it
work in just *two* applications. Then try to isolate / simplify the
failing combinations...

Best regards,

Bart H

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