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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] My perspective. display perferct?

David Gerard wrote:
> What's the standard for .odp files? Presentations do in fact require
> the elements to stay in a particular place to some degree for
> interoperability between apps to be meaningful for such files. If an
> .odp created in OOo looks like rubbish in KOffice or the other way
> around, that's completely missing the point of "presentation."

I think you're right about odp files - presentation is in their core.
That's one more problem to solve. :) What I was thinking all along are
text documents and spreadsheets. Presentations do have that issue of
aligning elements to the right places. However, I still don't think they
have to be "pixel perfect" - just close enough. But then, what "close
enough" should be?

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