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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] My perspective. display perferct?

robert_weir@us.ibm.com wrote:

> But you have not been able to express this in a way the allows the user
> to use an application to intentionally alter content.  If we say that an
> application cannot change the content of a document, then we just
> prohibited word processors.  If we allow applications to change content
> as directed by the user, then we are reduced to "Don't do anything
> unexpected".

Well, I haven't understood that like you did. Ok, there is the fact that
members (both writers and lurkers) on this list are not all native
English speakers, so we might have a problem choosing apropriate wording
to express our intentions or opinions.

What I understood is that the application should not modify data on it's
own. Take this example: an application called Write 95 makes a document.
 You take that document, open it in Write 2003 and then simply save it
back in Write 95 format. Because of an unknown reason (that might be the
fact that Write 2003 use internal standard to represent any file,thus
forgetting original Write 95 format as soon as the document is loaded),
the other document is different in size, and there might even be some
missing font metrics.

I believe that is the point - we do not want applications to do any
internal modifications of a document unless the user adds, modifies or
deletes something. Input file should be exactly the same as the output
file if there were no user interactions (we should consider spell
checking as user interaction). The bottom line is that standard
compliant applications should not modify data in any way unless they're
instructed by the user. If I want to spellcheck, I'll do it. If I want
to resize or reduce an image, you bet that I want to have control over
that, and not some freakin' application!

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