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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Draft Interoperability and Conformance TCformation proposal (0.2)

"Dave Pawson" <dave.pawson@gmail.com> wrote on 07/26/2008 02:38:14 AM:

> >> robert_weir@us.ibm.com wrote:
> >> And here you are advocating "demos".  There has been no discussion of
> >> "demos" on this list that I recall, in a formal sense.  So, one would 
> >
> >> left to use the common meaning of a demo - a piece of software that
> >> demonstrates a process.  I think that Dave's comment is more along 
> >> lines of "where is that software demo coming from?", because you/we 
> >
> >> explicitly stated that the TC is not writing software.
> >>
> >> I can see ways in which your comments make sense here, but I don't 
> >> to be assuming anything.  Can you elaborate some?
> >>
> >
> > The phrase I used was "OASIS InterOp demos", not just "demos".  OASIS
> > InterOp demos are something very specific and well documented at (of 
> > places) the OASIS InterOp Demo policy page:
> > http://www.oasis-open.org/who/interop_demo_policy.php
> (InterOps) are public interoperability demonstrations that showcase
> multi-vendor implementations of approved OASIS work.
> How will 'showcasing' by vendors help the TC's objectives.

You don't just demo whatever you have sitting around, the stuff that 
everyone already has seen.  To be worth demoing publically, you want to 
show new and impressive attainments.  So it is the act of preparing for an 
interop demo causes participating vendors to actively improve 
interoperability.  The public demo itself is merely the final step of that 

>> You cannot read the charter effectively absent a knowledge of how OASIS
>> runs and the terminology OASIS uses for describing its own processes. 
>> confusion I've seen so far is from people trying to substitute their 
>> meanings for things like "scope" or "InterOp demo" that are already
>> defined by OASIS.  This will not work.  You cannot bring your own 
>>  To expect otherwise is like thinking you can write or evaluate a new
>> Constitutional Amendment without knowing what is already in the
>> Constitution.

>Rob. Stop treating this group like ignorant children needing to be told
>off. You chose not to tell us of these esoteric items so
>all we have to rely on is English as we know it and common sense.

Dave, I've been constantly pointing you to OASIS policy on TC formation 
and encouraging you in particular to look at other OASIS TC charters.  All 
this information is out there.  I cannot be blamed for your unwillingness 
to read them. 
In any case, it is totally bizarre that your think that it would be 
"esoteric" for an OASIS interoperability TC to help organize an OASIS 
interop demo. 


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