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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Draft Interoperability and Conformance TC formation proposal (0.2)

On Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 6:39 PM, Gordon MacGinitie
<gmacginitie@gmail.com> wrote:
> To all
> If this small group were to do certification or any testing or provision of
> testing software it would be faced with never ending accusations of
> prejudice, discrimination, bugs hidden in the software and on and on. There
> is to be only one OIIC TC but there will be many people that offer actual
> tests or testing software; the specification of that which is to be tested
> can be very open and free of bias and competition among the testers will
> quickly bring any biases to light.
> A small group that meets by email would be appropriate to the job of
> (slowly) creating guidelines and specification and not so to writing
> software or running a testing business.
Issue is validation of reports.  Many bodies with different quality
tests you cannot validate reports without the tests used.  People will
say old tests were used or so on.   Any report generated need to be
linked to a exact copy of the tests that generated the data used in
it.    These could be applications.

This way any dispute can be confirmed as true or false and got over
and done with.  Reason upset implementer can either disprove the test,
except the error in program or confirm a documentation error.

If its left to wild west.  One implementer will say I passed X Y Z
test.   Another one will say passed A B C test covering same section
yet report writter used D E F test and called us wrong.   So now we
have a test compatibility problem.   Issue now is that D E F updated
there test since the report writer got them and thiers is now
defective.   Even that in the first place it was right.  Now the
reporter becomes a laughing stock and due to TC rules cannot defend

If the TC is going to write reports on conformance to ODF there is no
option bar to store the tests and be able to ship them when needed.

Even in some cases send out acid test groups of tests for broader
testing to make sure its not still existing because of updates and the

Basically storing and sending out tests is a requirement to be above
question.   Being able to code tests more like build test kits from
existing tests is also key to the process at times.  It is too soon to
be setting these rules in too hard of stone.  Flex has to be left.

Peter Dolding

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