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Subject: Re: EXT :Re: [openc2-lang] Language Spec open issues

DaveK, Duncan, Toby, L-SC members,

1) Thanks, Toby, for the info on GitHub's efforts to make default renaming easier. I hadn't seen that previously but now

(i) I've added a TC meeting agenda topic to update about this and 

(ii) I'll defer any efforts on this topic for now.

2) Regarding the LS repo, I'll dive in and get things updated to a workable state sometime in the next few days.


David Lemire

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From: openc2-lang@lists.oasis-open.org <openc2-lang@lists.oasis-open.org> on behalf of duncan sfractal.com <duncan@sfractal.com>
Sent: Monday, August 17, 2020 9:01:33 PM
To: openc2-lang@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: EXT :Re: [openc2-lang] Language Spec open issues

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Wrt not stepping on editor’s toes:

I am now the only editor again as both Jason and Drew have left, and I’d happily welcome the help.


Wrt asking Dave –

as long as you are asking him as his customer, not because he’s the secretary, that would be great.


Wrt ‘deleting branch issue’ –

we can leave ‘master’ for now. I think Dave’s issue is, correctly, that our current copy is not up to date with what we approved. We can do that wo changing names or deleting.


Wrt Pull Requests –

ideally they should be reviewed by someone but more importantly normative changes shouldn’t be merged until approved at an LSC meeting. Editorial and non-substantive changes you can approve but then report at meeting what happened since last meeting. Approving PR’s is highest priority at the LSC meetings and should always be first on the agenda. Eg it was 2.1/2.2 on 3-Aug mtg. Apologies if it was my fault for not noticing any open PR’s on JADN to bring up for approval.


Duncan Sparrell

sFractal Consulting LLC

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From: David Kemp <dk190a@gmail.com>
Date: Monday, August 17, 2020 at 7:22 PM
To: Toby Considine <Toby.Considine@unc.edu>
Cc: "duncan@sfractal.com" <duncan@sfractal.com>, openc2-lang <openc2-lang@lists.oasis-open.org>, "Lemire, Dave (HII-TSD)" <david.lemire@hii-tsd.com>
Subject: Re: [openc2-lang] Language Spec open issues


We can change branch names whenever GitHub has an easy process.  I just want to get CS02 into the repo so I can start updating old PRs and making new ones.


On Mon, Aug 17, 2020 at 6:13 PM Considine, Toby <Toby.Considine@unc.edu> wrote:

If you think that this new social requirement is a burning issue which makes risking broken links tolerable and you want to fix all the back-links by hand, go ahead.

I note that Github cites numerous problems and recommends waiting.


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