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Subject: Introducing Dennis Hamilton

I went through the opendocument-users-help drill only to learn that
opendocument-users-info and opendocument-users-faq don't have any
information yet.  So, to know that I have succeeded in subscribing to the
list and everything is working, I will make a post.  

My current involvement with OpenDocument is as part of David Wheeler's
OpenFormula project.  My background includes programming language standards
(going back to Algol 60 and Fortran) and also working on data-processing
specifications going back as far as the original ANSI standard for ASCII.

I am also interested in OpenDocument (and other publicly-available and
implementable formats) in the context of document management systems and
interoperabile document-processing applications.  I am particulary keen on
document preservation, interchange, and collaborative use.  This comes from
my experience in document management and my volunteer support of some
document-management integration standards.

As part of my OpenFormula participation, I intend to contribute to an
anatomy of OpenDocument.  That's with an eye to identifying all of the
interdependencies that OpenFormula must be careful with and account for.  It
is also a way to train myself in the OpenDocument specification, sort of
like creating a study group on the spec.  We will also be studying the XML
and text-string formulas that different spread-sheet processors produce and

In my early beginner-mind readings I have already submitted some comments.
I welcome having a place to ask questions and discuss details and
clarifications too.

- Dennis

Dennis E. Hamilton
AIIM DMware Technical Coordinator 
mailto:Dennis.Hamilton@acm.org | gsm:+1-206.779.9430 
http://DMware.info http://ODMA.info/ http://TROSTing.org 

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