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Subject: How to interpret the default-cell-style-name attribute in spreadsheets


I am working on the OASIS support in the upcoming KSpread 1.5 release,
and have reached a stumbling block.

In spreadsheet tables, columns and rows can have a default style for
cells (specified using the default-cell-style-name attribute) which
are applied to cells that don't have any specific style set.

However, what isn't clear is whether this style should be used for
every cell in the column / row, including those which are
automatically created to fill in incomplete rows in the content.xml
file, or whether this style should only be used on cells that are
represented by a table-cell element in the content.xml file.

eg, if we have a spreadsheet with a single row:

[Empty Table Cell x3] [Cell with own Style] [Automatically created
cells to end of row...]

And the row as a default-cell-style-name attribute, should that style
apply to just the 3 empty table cells at the beginning of the row
(which are represented by a table-cell element in the XML file with
the repeat columns attribute set) or all of the Automatically created
cells at the end of the row as well?

Robert Knight.

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