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Subject: XHTML-> ODF conversion

   I'm working on adding an ODF export for the Wiki tool in the 
Sakaiproject (www.sakaiproject.org, a BSD licensed Collaborative 
Learning Environment written in Java). Basically I'm looking for a java 
or xslt way to take XHTML and convert it to ODF either as an ODT file 
(zipped up) or as a single XML file.

I've started an attempt to do XSLT conversion of XHTML to content.xml 
but as I'm doing this I'm realising quite how much work I'd have to do 
to make this work. Has anyone already done this? Does anyone know of any 
libraries that might do this for me? (I'd prefer not to have to a 
dependency on the entirity OOo though... not sure what the project 
leader would think about a commit of that size! ;-)



Andrew Thornton

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