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Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] Improvement submissions to the ODF-TC?

Hi John,

Proposals, feature, request, comments on the standard, defect reports, 
etc., are recorded in three places:

1) Comments from the public come to the office-comments list: 

You can subscribe to that list by following the instructions here:

An archive of the list is here: 


2) Similar contributions from OASIS TC members will be in the TC's mailing 
list, which is only writeable by TC members.   You can the archive here:


In some cases there may be draft versions of proposals on the TC's wiki, 
but final versions, what we vote on, must be posted to the TC's mailing 

3) Contributions from JTC1/SC34 are made either via mechanism #1 above, or 
by sending a document via their appointed liaison to the TC, which would 
then be uploaded to the TC's document repository.  Uploading to the 
repository would generate a notification to the email list.

You can see the TC's proposal process here:  

In general terms, it is proposer-driven.   Whoever makes the proposal 
needs to push it forward through the process, including requesting it be 
placed on the meeting agenda for review and approval.

Whether something was discussed and whether it was addressed or not is 
best determined by by reference to meeting agenda and minutes which are 
posted to the list. 

We're in the process of moving to JIRA, a web-based issue tracking system 
that will allow us to unify some of the above mechanisms and give a single 
view of the status and history of all public and TC comments, proposals 
and requests. 



"Cody, John (OFT)" <John.Cody@oft.state.ny.us> wrote on 05/15/2009 
10:11:55 AM:

> [opendocument-users] Improvement submissions to the ODF-TC?
> What is the easiest way for a user to determine the content of 
> proposals that have been submitted for consideration to the ODF-TC? 
> For example, if an implementer touts having made multiple proposals 
> to improve ODF, but then also makes implementation choices in which 
> it criticizes deficiencies in ODF, how does a user like me determine
> if the proposals that were submitted were aimed at addressing those 
> deficiencies, or not?
> I prefer online responses, please.  Thank you, John

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