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Subject: Re: [oslc-op/website] This is to request the publication of promcode-shapes and promcode-vocab files of machine readable form. (PR #305)


I have created a PR to modify conneg.yml per your instruction.

On the stage of documents, the correct stage is CS02. It was our oversight that turtle files did not reflect the latest situation. I modified the stage information of all machine readable files. I have updated all those files. I closed PR #305 and created a new PR #306 to merge the updated files into your master repository.



2022/01/20 23:52ãAndrew Berezovskyi <notifications@github.com>ãããã:

@tomkamimura, thank you for the pull request. Please see my question before we can proceed to merge. Also, can I kindly ask you to make a PR to https://github.com/oslc-op/website-content-negotiation/blob/master/config/conneg.yml to enable the content negotiation over HTTP, please?

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