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Subject: comments on CS02


I found one person is missing in the OSLC PROMCODE member list.

Please add the following member to "Members of the OSLC PROMCODE TC" in the section of Appendix B. Acknowledgements.

Kobayashi, Mr. Shigenori - NEC Corporation


Appendix B. Acknowledgments
This section is non-normative.

Members of the OSLC PROMCODE TC:
Amsden, Mr. James - IBM
Horiuchi, Mr. Yoshio - IBM
Kamimura, Dr. Tom - Nanzan University
LaRochelle, Mr. Robert - IBM
Matsumoto, Mr. Shigeaki - NEC Corporation
Matsuoka, Mr. Shinji - Fujitsu Limited
Speicher, Steve - IBM
Wakao, Mr. Masaki - IBM
Watanabe, Mr. Takeshi - IBM
Yabuta, Mr. Kazuo - Nanzan University
Yoshida, Dr. Hiroyuki - Nanzan University

Shigeaki Matsumoto(NEC)

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