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pki-survey message

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Subject: Survey Report Draft 0.2

Here (attached to this email) is a PDF version of the
latest draft report on our recent PKI Obstacles survey.
Please review it and get comments to me ASAP. I'd like
to send this to the PKI TC on Monday so it can be
discussed at the PKI TC meeting on Wednesday. But I
want to have an OK from at least one member of the Survey
SC before sending it out to the PKI TC.

I know that there are still some problems with the
document (tables whose borders don't show up, graphs
that are supposed to be in color but aren't, etc.).
I also need to fill in Appendix C (emails received
in response to the survey) and a few other things.
But I think this is pretty close. Please let me know
if you agree.



P.S. I apologize for not sending you a Microsoft Word
version of this file. Technical difficulties and short
time make that impossible at the moment. I will do
that later.

PKI Obstacles June 2003 Survey Report 0.2.pdf

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