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Subject: Report from today's PKI TC meeting

At today's meeting, the PKI TC congratulated us on a
job well done with our recent survey. Way to go, team!

The TC also agreed with most of our recommendations
for next steps. They agreed that we should have a followup
survey in August, aiming to get more detail on the
obstacles identified in the June survey. And they agreed
that we should then have a face-to-face meeting in
September to discuss what actions should be taken to
address the obstacles we have identified.

However, they decided that our report on the June 2003
survey should not be released to the public, but only
to respondents to that survey. Once we have the extra
detail provided by our August survey and a plan of
action to address the identified obstacles (developed
at our September face-to-face meeting), then we will
release our report (first for review by other PKI
expert groups and then to the public).

This sounds very sensible to me.

So it's time to get moving again! I will finish up
the Report on the June 2003 Survey and send a final
draft out to you by the end of this week for your
review and approval. I'll note what has changed in
the email for your convenience.

We also need to develop our follow-up survey. And we
need to do this promptly so that we can run it during
August. I suggest that we start by having a concall
where we will brainstorm questions for the survey.
In a moment, I will send an email to this list asking
you to help select a date and time for this concall.



P.S. Sharon Boeyen tells me she's planning to join the
Survey SC. It will be great to have her on our team!
Until I hear that she has actually joined, I will cc her
on our emails and ask that you do the same.

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