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pki-survey message

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Subject: Almost final Survey Report

Here (attached to this email) is an almost final version
of the report on our recent survey. Please review this
document and let me know if you see any problems. If not,
we can move on to focus on our follow-up survey.

Remember that we decided not to distribute this report
widely until after we have completed the follow-up survey
and decided on how to address the obstacles identified.
But we will distribute this to the survey respondents,
along with the invitation to participate in the follow-up



P.S. Unless I get comments from you folks requesting changes,
the only changes I'm planning to make to this report before
distributing it are to remove the version number and DRAFT
marking on the front page. And if I can find a way to get
the color charts working, I'll make that change.

P.P.S. The main changes I have made since the last version
are: changing the Conclusions section to reflect the
outcome of Wednesday's PKI TC meeting, removing the extra
bar in Figure 3 (which used to show how many respondents
checked both Deploy and Develop, but confused some folks),
adding the OASIS copyright statement, removing the Appendices
and all references to them, and making minor typographical
changes like adding borders to all the Tables.


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