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Subject: Process for Revising PKI Action Plan

When and how should we revise the PKI Action Plan?

I see myself as the editor here, not the author.
I think the TC should decide about significant changes
and I will implement the TC's wishes.

Therefore, I suggest this process. People should
send feedback on the Action Plan to the pki-tc email
list. A day or two before each TC meeting, I'll send
a summary of the changes I think need to be made to
the pki-tc email list. People can discuss this on the
list and at the TC meeting. And the TC can vote on
what changes should be made.

How does that sound? I have two concerns:

1) The volume of feedback may be larger than the
   pki-tc subscribers would like. If that happens,
   speak up and we can create a Feedback subcommittee
   that will be responsible for receiving and summarizing

2) We might realize that a change needs to be made
   quickly (before the next PKI TC meeting). If you
   feel this is the case, send an email saying so to
   the pki-tc list. We can schedule a special TC meeting
   or do an electronic poll.

With those provisions, I'm happy with this process.
What do other PKI TC members think?



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