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Subject: Invitation to join Ask Vendors Implementation SC

At the PKI TC's December meeting, we voted to approve
the Ask Vendors Implementation Plan (available from
the PKI TC web site) and to create an Ask Vendors
Implementation Subcommittee with a charter to execute
the Ask Vendors Implementation Plan.

Terry Leahy and I volunteered to join this Subcommittee
to get it going. We have created a subcommittee mailing
list (pki-askvendors@lists.oasis-open.org) and web site.
Now we'll get down to the business of the committee:
executing the implementation plan.

We would welcome any other volunteers who want to join
the subcommittee or help execute the implementation plan.
If you would like to join, go to the PKI TC web site
sign in, click on PKI Ask Vendors Implementation SC
under Subgroups, and then click on the "Join This Group"
link. All Voting Members of the PKI TC are eligible.



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