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pki-tc message

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Subject: PKI-TC@PKI Workshop

Dear list,


Page 11:

Develop Application Guidelines for PKI Use
Create specific guidelines for three most popular PKI applications describing how the standards should be used for this application.
.Document Signing,
.Secure Email
.Electronic Commerce
These guidelines should be simple and clear enough that if vendors and customers implement them properly, PKI interoperability can
be achieved.

Do the PKI-TC members agree that we have already done this work?  If not, I suggest that we either update the charter, or begin to
discuss what this last line means and who is actually prepared to take on such a task.  As I wrote in a previous posting, no
authoritative source have to date published an implementation-level PKI deployment model for B2B transactions.

It also appears that the "Transaction PKI" project is behind schedule as only very little information has been published in spite of
being talked about for a year or so.  Don't get me wrong, I just want the charter and reality to match, and I have no problems with
a charter revision.  That is, PKI surveys and promotion may indeed be this TC's main purpose.

Anders Rundgren
Principal Engineer
RSA Security

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