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privacymgmt-discuss message

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Subject: OASIS "Operational Aspects of Privacy Management" Discussion List

Hi –


Thank you for registering for the Discussion List. We now have

a sizable number of registrants, across a variety of academic, governmental, and business segments.


First, I am repeating (in part) my introductory message from an earlier e-mail below.

Mainly, that posting contained your first homework assignment!


I am also attaching two items to this e-mail:


-          a storyboard “cartoon” featuring Mr. Private “I” (get it?), who

provides a quick introduction to the 10 Privacy Services of the PMRM.

Run the slides in SLIDE SHOW mode; tedious, but cumulative.

In actuality, the Services were conceived through a more methodical

process, during which the definitions were refined and tested against

various sets of privacy requirements.


-          the draft Charter for the proposed PMRM Technical Committee.

We can certainly add your (institutional or individual) name to the list of “proposers”.

Just send me an affirmative note.


We welcome your edits/comments/observations on the Charter.


Also, feel free to post commentary or questions on the topic of

“Operational Aspects of Privacy Management” to the reflector.


We look forward to further dialog.              


************   repeated from first posting  *********************


My name is Michael Willett and I, along with John Sabo from CA, will

be your Discussion List moderators.


As the introductory e-mail from Mary indicated, this List is focused

on the creation of a Privacy Management Reference Model (PMRM) Technical Committee.

The (initial) Reference Model will be based on the PMRM V2.0, donated

by the ISTPA (www.istpa.org) freely to OASIS.


As background for our discussions (and as your first homework assignment!),

I suggest you review the following materials:


-          The PMRM V2.0, published on the ISTPA web site above


-          (optional) The document “Analysis of Privacy Principles: Making Privacy Operational”,

also on the ISTPA web site


-          Recent webinar offered by OASIS and the ISTPA entitled: “Making Privacy Operational”:


 The recorded version is now available at:    



Slide set from webinar:  http://xml.coverpages.org/PMRM-Overview-OASIS-Webinar-20100223.pdf


Feel free to distribute these links to others who are interested in the operational aspects of privacy management.


************   (end of) repeated from first posting  *********************


Michael Willett

PMRM TC Charter Draft 030210.doc

ISTPA Mr Private I 031010.ppt

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