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Subject: Re: [provision] Use Case Primer

Darran, thanks for writing this introduction; it was helpful to me.

A suggestion:  in the document you have identify the following system
elements: requesting authority, provisioning service point, provisioning
service target.
Should we include "provisioning service user" as a system element and talk
about PSUIDs rather than vIDs?  As I understand it, a vID represents a
"user" so a user should be a system element, and this makes it more
straightforward, it seems to me.

By the same reasoning, perhaps we should have as a system element a
"provisioning service target resource" -- the element that gets allocated
to a user as a result of an allocation request from the PSP to a PST.
Instead of resource, this could be called an "account" or "service".  But
if it were called a PSTR, then its ID would be PSTRID, rather than vID.

Or maybe we drop the PS in both cases and just call the above UIDs and

Karl Gottschalk
tie 441-9611
ext. 919-543-9611

                      Darran Rolls                                                                                                     
                      <Darran.Rolls@wav        To:       provision@lists.oasis-open.org                                                
                      eset.com>                cc:                                                                                     
                                               Subject:  [provision] Use Case Primer                                                   
                      03/24/2002 10:39                                                                                                 


As discussed on last Mondays con-call on use cases, I have pulled together
a brief introduction to vID's and PSTID's.  I submit the following draft
for your consideration before the Use Case call Monday 3/25/2002.

A brief description of the diagrammatic notation is required.  I was unable
to find a suitable Visio stencil for Martin/Chen style crows feet so I have
used an arrow to implement cardinality.

Darran Rolls
MSIM  drolls_waveset@hotmail.com
AIM    drollswaveset
YIM    drolls_waveset

#### draft-rolls-UseCasePrimer.doc has been removed from this note on April
04 2002 by Karl Gottschalk

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