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Subject: Re: [provision] SPML 2.0 Relationships proposal...

I was looking into doing some more examples and use cases for our call tomorrow. One of the use cases is the ability to navigate relationships. In your proposal it suggests the use of the SPML 2 search capability SearchRequest to perform searches, where the "searchBase" is used to indicate the container. I may not understand the proposal fully but I'm not sure how to go about retrieving the container for a particular PSO. Can you help me out with what the search request might look like so I can put it side by side with the other apporahces?

Inactive hide details for "Jeff Bohren" <jbohren@opennetwork.com>"Jeff Bohren" <jbohren@opennetwork.com>

          "Jeff Bohren" <jbohren@opennetwork.com>

          08/02/2004 09:36 PM

To: <provision@lists.oasis-open.org>
Subject: [provision] SPML 2.0 Relationships proposal...

Attached is the first draft of my proposal for handling relationships. This covers both containment and references. It supports references with attributes. It also supports relationships (both kinds) as search criteria and also as search results. I believe that this proposal meets all of the requirements discussed so far.


This proposal is based on draft 5 of the SPML 2.0 schema.


Jeff Bohren

Product Architect

OpenNetwork Technologies, Inc


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