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Thanks to all for the messages of support so far and for the constructive suggestions.  We will of course need many more supporters if we are to get the TC up and running but let’s try and consolidate what we have so far into a possible Charter for the new TC.   Attached is a draft and please feel free to edit it as you see fit.  It’s important that we get this right as it will be used to drive the work of the TC, so for instance have we got the right set of Deliverables or are the other things we should try and produce? 


Assuming that we can make good progress on this over the next few weeks then the plan would be to launch the new TC adjacent to the next International Cloud Symposium (ICS 2012) which will be held in Washington DC on 10th – 12th October.  It was of course the ICS 2011 event that was the origin of this new TC so having the first meeting at ICS 2012 would be a very good piece of publicity and hopefully would attract several new members.




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