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Subject: Re: [public-sector-cloud-discuss] PROPOSED TC CHARTER

Thanks John.

Here is an article I have just posted that clarifies the main ideas behind
the Kantara CloudIDsec wg I have proposed for inclusion:


The main idea being the role of Kantara as approved Trust Framework
provider can enable Cloud hosters to be regulated in a form relevant to
GovClouds, meeting the requirements of various relevant Whitehouse & other

Cheers Neil.

> Thanks to all for the messages of support so far and for the constructive
> suggestions.  We will of course need many more supporters if we are to get
> the TC up and running but let's try and consolidate what we have so far
> into
> a possible Charter for the new TC.   Attached is a draft and please feel
> free to edit it as you see fit.  It's important that we get this right as
> it
> will be used to drive the work of the TC, so for instance have we got the
> right set of Deliverables or are the other things we should try and
> produce?
> Assuming that we can make good progress on this over the next few weeks
> then
> the plan would be to launch the new TC adjacent to the next International
> Cloud Symposium (ICS 2012) which will be held in Washington DC on 10th -
> 12th October.  It was of course the ICS 2011 event that was the origin of
> this new TC so having the first meeting at ICS 2012 would be a very good
> piece of publicity and hopefully would attract several new members.
> John
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Neil McEvoy
Founder and President
Level 5 Consulting Group

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