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Subject: Re: [regrep-cc-review] UBL Review of CCTS: Use of Qualifiers forObject Class Terms and Property Terms

>Chiusano: I'm recalling our example of "ResidenceAddress. Details", where we were
>questioning whether "Residence" results from one of the 8 context
>drivers (it does not appear to). So in summary, we're not the only group
>questioning that aspect.
>Unless there are strong objections (and please voice them now with lots
>of supporting reasons), our handling will be to consider
>"ResidenceAddress. Details" an ACC rather than an ABIE, because I don't
>see where "Residence" is tied to one of the 8 context categories. A
>question posed to the CCTS Team of this several weeks ago has resulted
>in no response.
mm1: Joe, I suggest we ask again and reinforce our concern with those 
questions raised by UBL.  Perhaps it will elicit a response.

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