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Subject: re: [regrep] FW: Reg Rep Requirement for UID scheme - Question?


According to our working draft of the Architecture, (still not approved 
by the team),  the UID has to provide three functional things:

1.  A unique identifier
2.  A way to locate the Registry (probably some URI scheme)
3.  A way to identify the protocol used to talk to the registry.

These three things must be present for UID's that are to be considered 
candidates for use in all phases of ebXML.  The leading candidate being 
discussed right now is a URN variance that includes the registry url.  
IT still doesn't meet #3 above becuase we may end up with competing 
registry standards in the future.

The current scheme of 

UID="urn:uri:com-xmlglobal-registry:foo808112"  can make use of the 
logical UID David talks about, and includes the location identifier (as 
the URL), but still does not specify it is an ebXML registry.  The way 
ot fix that may be to namepsace qualify the UID as such:


or other use of qnames.  We plan to recommend that a special team be 
set up to deal with this issue as a subset of the UN/CEFACT eBusiness 
Architecture team.  It sounds like both of you are prime candidates for 
involvement <wink-wink nudge>  


Duane Nickull 

Xml Global

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