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Subject: [Fwd: Re: [eBES Tech Team] 7/15/2003: Paper Inputs and Demo Summary]

See below as requested - this was just a short summary for a combined 
demonstration sent to the eBES Interoperability Pilot Project technical 

	* Demonstration draft suggested summary:
>           o Building on the proven real-world scenarios, a combined
>             ebXML showcase is proposed for XML 2003
>             in Philadelphia.  The combined demonstration will build on
>             the real-world  business scenarios shown by the eBES
>             Interoperability Project and vendor forum.
>             In May 2003, five technology companies--XT-I, Seeburger
>             AG, Sun Microsystems, Sonic Software, TIE
>             International, who represented the e-Business Board for
>             European Standardization, in association with OASIS,
>             demonstrated ebXML messaging in real-life steel industry
>             business scenarios.  The business cases,
>             showed transactions with XML and EDI business payloads
>             sent and received by different vendors systems
>             using the ebXML Messaging Services protocol. In each case
>             the systems exchanging the data integrated the
>             payloads into simulated corporate databases.
>             For XML 2003 in December, the robust, secure exchange
>             capabilities of ebXML Messaging
>             Service and other ebXML capabilities such as ebXML
>             Registry/Repository
>             and Collaboration Protocol Profile and Agreement (CPP/A)
>             could be demonstrated. This will provide
>             a rich business and technical view to industry
>             stakeholders on how ebXML can be used to
>             answer their business problems and improve operations.
>             Using a distributed registry scenario, two ebXML Registry
>             implementations could be
>             shown.  For example, CPP/A could also be stored in these
>             registries with references
>             to content in both.
>             Scope:
>             1. Streamlined ebMS demonstration targeted at a real-world
>             scenario based on XML Europe in May 2003
>             and as scoped by vendor forum teams
>             2. Additional participation from market players to
>             demonstrate interoperability and functionality
>             surrounding other ebXML specifications.  If possible, the
>             eBES team could formalize their use of CPP/A,
>             with technology participants, such as Sun Microsystems,
>             featuring those functions.  The eBES scenario could
>             streamline their existing 2-scenario demonstration into
>             one focused showcase, concentrating on key ebMS features such as security, reliability,
>             retries, digital signatures, etc.
>             ebXML or other teams: CPP/A team is considering support
>             for this event, and BPSS has also been mentioned.
>             In addition, at this time, use of XACML for access
>             controls could also be included, which could feature the
>             new 3.0 Registry capabilities.

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