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regrep message

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Subject: Re: [regrep] Core Components Walkthrough - 8/21/03


I looked on the website.  According to Kavi, there have been no posts 
for 5 months to the CAM list.  

Is that correct or are the gremlins in the OASIS webserver keeping us 
from seeing the list.

Also - no new document is posted since May.


David RR Webber - XML ebusiness wrote:

>Please subscribe to the CAM list.
>Thanks, DW.
>Message text written by Duane Nickull
>Who is the mnember that has implemented it and where may one locate the 
>v0.14 spec?
>My apologies - I thought I was subscribed to the CAM list but had not 
>received any messages.  I will double check this.

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