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Subject: Re: Versioning and UID / UUID

David RR Webber wrote:

>As Farrukh noted - better to have a separate thread on this!
>Here's some usage cases - starting with yours then mine:
>1) Assembly is "locked" model - uses UUIDs to explicitly reference exact
>    - Note: model cannot be moved/exported to new registry as UUIDs will
UUID's can be user supplied.  The model is portable.

>2) Assembly is "conceptual" model - uses UID references, that then resolve
>to UUID on lookups.
>    - semantic content can move, and can even be in more than one federated
Yes - we have engineered this and see it as well.

>3) Assembly is conceptual with versioning model - uses UID references that
>can version.
>    - semantic content lookups can be generic i.e. plain UID resolves to the
>"latest" by default,
>       or explicit - where a sub-version is preferentially referenced
>because of context requirements.
Our model for Core components, BIE's etc. contains a set of identifiers 
that may be used.  While there is only one registry supplied UUID, there 
may be many different identifiers assigned by the SO or RO and asserted 
that they are a property of the CC.  We have built this flexability into 
the core component model to account for others who want to do similar 
things that you do.  We didn;t want to try and dictate everything that 
would ever be needed.

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