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Subject: Fw: DAMA-NCR Metatopia 2004 CALL FOR PAPERS


Since this is in my backyard - I'd be interested in submitting one
or more joint papers on the work of the SCM SC / Registry
and then presenting.

These folks are Metadata gurus - so I'm expecting good fit
with our work - and the conference is well attended by
core movers in this whole area.

My focus is naturally submitting one presentation on
SCM noun dictionary / business catalogue / CAM,
but several other topics beckon from our use cases.

We have till April 25th to create abstracts for the submission.

Thanks, DW.

Message text written by INTERNET:DAMANCRAdm@aol.com

DAMA-NCR Presents
Metatopia 2004:
A Symposium On Metadata and Data Management
In cooperation with  TBA
Dates: November 4 & 5, 2004

Location: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington, DC

Theme: Govern and Sustain Your Enterprise Architecture

Keynote Speakers: John Zachman and Jeff Tash

We define Metatopia as ?oThe ideal world where all data are well
Attendance at the 2001 conference was outstanding even though it was held
weeks after the tragic events of 9-11. It was followed by the 2003
made successful with the support of volunteers from the National Capital
Region Chapter of the Data Management Association. Now, for 2004, we expect
less than a record-breaking event in terms of world class speakers and
attendees! Come to Metatopia 2004 in Washington, D.C. to learn about the
successful data management strategies and hear first hand from leading
visionaries, engineers, and practitioners about their experiences and
trends. Enjoy the pleasures and sites in our nation's capital and the
attractions in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. Find out why
DAMA-NCR is one of
the world?Ts leading data management chapters.

You are invited to participate by attending the conference or by
a presentation. The symposium will bring together product engineers from
vendors, academics, consultants, and leading practitioners interested in:

 Participating in a forum for information exchange,
 Engaging in the collaborative development and exchange of metadata content

between metadata registries and repositories
 Promoting, engaging, and learning about the latest state-of-the-art
activities, developments, and technologies in the management of data and
standards, methods, tactics, techniques, tools, and procedures.

Tracks: We anticipate topics that will fit into one or more of these

 Standards: metadata standards, the Common Warehouse Metamodel
 Case Studies: implementations of metadata registry standards, recent
stories in enterprise metadata management, interchange strategies, and
enterprise data architecture
 Issues: extensions to standards, terminology, taxonomies, XML, Future
and Emerging Technologies, the latest advances to advance data integration

 Management, Integration, Data Quality, Benefits, and Emerging Trends: how
people are deploying data management strategies to improve ROI, develop and

maintain enterprise architectures, and help lower the total cost of
ownership of
the IT portfolio through improved data quality, data integration, data
exchange/sharing, data reuse, cost savings, risk mitigation strategies,
business case
development, operational architecture developments in support of the DoD
Framework, and bold ideas for the future...)

Topics: Some suggested topics covered by this conference include:

 Metadata and related standards - covering fundamental notions of data
elements, metadata framework, meta models for metadata attributes, naming
identification issues, classification schemes, value domains, and data
 Implementations - sharing the experiences of planned or actual metadata
registry/repository implementations
 Interoperability - exchanging metadata between enterprise applications
 Data Modeling ?" latest methods, techniques, and vendor tool strategies
support collaborative modeling and model management
 Semantic structures - organizing the thousands of linguistic expressions
concepts/terms into structured sets that can be deployed in software and be

the glue that binds the enterprise application portfolio
 Content Management and Enterprise Application Portals ?" How advances and
next breakthroughs in metadata management are contributing to these leading

technology enablers. ? Context - accommodating the diversity of
naming schemes, industry vernaculars and other specific terminology
 Object oriented technologies - extending metadata registries to better
handle object data, such as the active attributes (behaviors, methods)
 WEB services ?" how industry developments in J2EE and .Net may be
approaches to data management
 IT enabled data standards - improving the use of design patterns to
facilitate true reuse of data structures from international, national,
government and
private sources ? Enterprise Architecture ?" how data architects are
contributing to enterprise architecture governance
 Assemble-to-order data specifications - assembling the components in
metadata registries into a variety of products: database designs; reports;
transactions sets; regulations; legislation;?
 Interchange - facilitating all types of electronic data communication
including EDI, web enabled forms, HTML/XML documents, ...
 XML - relating XML and metadata standards
 Intelligent information integration - combining data from different
 Data Integration Trends ?" how government and industry are meeting the
challenge of achieving the ?osingle version of the truth? using various
ETL vs. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) vs. Internet Data
(IDI) solutions.
 Business Intelligence ?" the latest advances and trends
 Information and Data Stewardship: tactics, techniques, policies, and

Submit your proposal (deadline April 25, 2004)

Questions: www.Metatopia2004.org, Email to Metatopia2004@dama-ncr.org
Call Tom McCullough at 703-234-6988 or Dr. Jerry Rosenbaum at (410)

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