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Subject: Re: [regrep] Issue with UUID's for Core Components and BIE's

[Replying only to Registry TC - not on UN/CEFACT list] 

Please see comments below.

Duane Nickull wrote:
> Apologize for the cross post in advance, but I feel both of these groups
> need to address this issue.
> The Core Components and Registry specs both mandate a unique identifier
> to be used in certain places.  IN the registry, it is for every single
> registry object.  Each Core Component also must have an identifier.
> In a recent project I did, I decided to use the registry UUID format for
> the Core Components.  That is the DCE 128 bit algorithm for generating
> UUID's.  We also demonstrated programmatic access to the registry to
> retrieve copies of Core Components, slurped them into a context assembly
> utility along with an XML declaration of the 8 context categories and
> values representing a specific set of contexts, and spat our several
> BIE's, which were aggregated onto an XML schema.  The good news is that
> all went well and the system works perfect.
> There were some questions however that do need further discussion IMO.
> 1. Should a BIE carry the same UUID as the Core Component it was derived
> from?

IMHO, no. They are 2 distinct entities.
> 2. Either in addition to, or alternatively to #1, should a BIE carry
> its' own unique UUID?  If it is placed into a registry, the UUID will 
Yes - and we may want to explore the possibility of a BIE's UUID being
somehow related to its "base" Core Component's UUID - perhaps by
reflecting a part of the Core Component's UUID within the BIE's UUID
somehow. But on the other hand this might be too heavyweight...

> be
> assigned to it by the registry, but it also need to be serialized inline
> into the BIE to be used outside of the registry or in places where
> access to the Registry RIM instance data is not possible. (real world
> use cases exist for this).
> 3. If the BIE does have to have it's own UUID, possibly in addition to
> the COre COmponents UUID, should this UUID be in the 128 bit algorithm
> format OR should it use something akin to the UDEF format that can
> convey context variables?  This may be crucial to aid business mappers
> and integration software (rich client applications) to map the BIE to
> existing data sources.

Would like to see more about how context variables could be used, before
taking a position on this.


> Thank you for any comments on this.  I have done it one way but would
> like to not reply with what I have done until I hear ideas from others
> since I am not happy with my solution.
> Duane
> --
> Senior Standards Strategist
> Adobe Systems, Inc.
> http://www.adobe.com
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Kind Regards,
Joseph Chiusano
Booz | Allen | Hamilton

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